Roots are not just in gardens..

In fact I’ve been out of touch because my darling desktop had a virus that is really hard to find, much less get rid of. It all started when I walked away from my monitor after exiting the web to grab a cup of café.
As I poured the steaming bliss of black liquid into my faded Hawaii’ tourist mug I heard the sound of voices and music coming from the front room. I thought well that’s weird the dog isn’t barking yet it sounds like there’s a car out in front of the house.
So like any other early riser, I took a sip of my warm brew and headed for the noise that was polluting my morning. After walking the short distance from coffee pot to front door, the voices had stopped. I peeked out the front door all the same, only to find a chipmunk diving into my ‘magic carpet’ bushes. I sipped some more of my steamy morning bliss and oddly enough the sounds started again. Still looking out side window of the door, I turned slowly and followed the sound.
Holy Monkeys! The sound was coming out of my headset. Now I was sure I was off the net. I checked anyway. Nope, not on line.
I put on the head phones to listen more clearly, it was random advertising and only partial. then it stopped for a good long while. So I ignored it, thinking it was some weird fluke. BIG MISTAKE!
Days passed and random music or commercials would play while on the net or off. It was annoying at the least and invading at its worst. Honestly who wants to listen to half an advertising while your in a middle of WOW Scenario trying really hard not to get your retro paladin obliterated…again. OY!
So I did the only thing I could do. Run thru a series of checks on the desk top. Started with double checking the firewalls and then running the MacAfee, twice. Ran Spy-bot and a number of other free virus hunters, if you will. Then there was silence. Only like Doctor Who’s Silence it popped up when I wasn’t looking and reared its well dressed ugly face again. Talk about wanting to scream.
Next I went to researching. I read articles from sites like pc world and the like. That’s when I learned of the ROOTKIT. It’s an incredibly annoying bug, like a rash and a bad penny. Just when you think its gone, tada, its back again.
It took several tries painstakingly going thru each and every file and sub-file , running anti virus after deep cleansing anti virus before I finally found the bugger. YES! YES! YES!
It was like a the heavens opened and the TARDIS came offering a vacation in Pompeii and a sonic screwdriver as a souvenir.
Finally, my desktop if free of this disease, this fly in the ointment. WOOT!


About wifemotherandgeekism

I've been a wife for almost 23 years a mother for 19 and a geek...all my life. The exact amount of years eludes me at the moment. I've traveled up and down the East coast of the USA and a few European countries as well. I had a short visit to Turkey too. Oh and I did manage to make it to Hawai'i, milk was expensive but fishing and was great. I have a few favorite places I woould live to fo back to and some places that are still on the to do list. When I'm not moving with my family to support my husband in his career or doing the mom things like cleaning, cooking, and making sure everyone has clean underwear and socks; I read books by authors such as Anne Rice, Terry Pratchet and a dozen more. I do need to explain the geek thingy... You see since I can remember I've been into science-fiction and fantasy.I watched Star Trek and wanted tribbles as pets since before kindergarten. I read stuff like The Divine comedy during freshman year in High School while being part of a D&D club; and now I play Magic The gathering with my two teen children and wonder when I can get my Retribution Paladin to level up in W.O.W..Oh yeah, did I mention that I adore Doctor Who; Torchwood; Fringe; Grimm; Being Human; Big Bang Theory...I can mention more but I'm sure you got the idea.
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